About Us

Pastor Benjamin is the son of Pastor Edward Molefe and Elizabeth Mohlamonyane. His parents were pastors of the Baptist Missionary Society of the Baptist Union now called Baptist Convention. The parents started pastoring the Baptist Church in Everton, Vereeniging from 1959-1961 and were transferred to Driekop Baptist Church (Gamaroga) 1962-1974.

Benjamin left school in Driekop 1965 and came to the farm of Loufontein near Zithabiseni Resort to stay with the grandparents. They moved to  Dennilton in 1967 where he went back to school and started to attend Dennilton  Baptist church under the Pastor Moses Mogano.

He got converted in September 1974, and became a youth leader from the time of Pastor MM Mogano, until at the time of  Pastor B Motau. Benjamin got married to Thandi the last daughter of Rev.S.Nkosi, in September 1984 while submitting under Pastor B.Motau.

Ps Motau left, and Pastor E Ngodela became the Pastor in 1986.  Benjamin was appointed as a church secretary serving under Pastor E Ngodela. When Pastor Ngodela left
Benjamin and Thandi remained as caretakers of Dennilton Baptist church while working as school principals.

Pastor Benjamin and his family relocated to Groblersdal 1998, not knowing that the Lord was leading them to start the new work as Pastors. Benjamin and Thandi arrived in Groblersdal, and were, still travelling to Baptist Church in Dennilton every Wednesday and weekends for prayer until September 1999. Shortly thereafter they started a home prayer meeting, which took place during the week when they could not travel to Dennilton anymore.

Benjamin and Thandi started by inviting two families for prayer, and tea. When the people started coming for prayers in numbers especially the youth, the services were then extended to Sunday. The need to continue with the new converts on Sundays necessitated the starting of the church.

The house of the Pastor was full, and the fellowship moved to a double Garage of Mr SM Skhosana until the Municipality received a complaint from a neighbour about the noise.
 The attendance was overwhelming, and the Garage could no more contain the crowd. We were forced to look for an alternative accommodation.

The Pastor found an office space next to Standard Bank in town, and they used it as a place for mid-week prayers. The space was too small for church meetings, but they used it as an administration office for church activities.

September 2000 was the official launch of the Church, and the pastor’s elder brother  Rev. E Mohlamonyane graced the conference and baptized the first converts. Benjamin Dube was the guest artist, and Bonisani Dube was also one of the preachers of the day.

The church was looking for another venue to hire, and The Emmanuel Christian Church allowed them to use the church after their services every Sunday morning. The church now continued using the hired building facility. After few months a report came to to the Pastor that Emmanuel Christian Church will be closing their services, and they can fully occupy the building.

During this period the Pastor was working in Pretoria where he continued with his ministerial studies under Heritage of Faith Bible Institute. He was appointed later as the Dean of the new Bible college Campus in Groblersdal in 2007.

The hiring of the church facilities at Emmanuel has been a blessed experience, and we have seen the hand of God. The church closed the office in town and moved to the church building to start working in a more favourable environment.

The Pastor says the Lord has been gracious to them through the Emmanuel brethren, for trusting them with their property for ten years. If you are faithful to someone’s property the Lord will give you yours. The church grew, and the membership extended even to places like Motetema, and beyond.

We were now faced with overcrowding, and the place became practically too small. The Pastor suggested some arrangement with the landlord to extend the building, but they gave him a better alternative to buying first. In the year 2010 the Lord gave us the grace to receive an offer to purchase, and by the year 2013 we paid up the money.

September 2013 the church lifted the structure to commence with the extensions. The members supported the initiative, and by May 2014 we started with the building of the structural wall, and some finishing inside.

January 2015 during our Thanksgiving celebration we dedicated our new building. The work is still going on, and we trust the Lord for more extensions, and expansion to do the work of the ministry.

The greatest mission is to build lives and continue to empower them as the Lord enables us with the word. We develop leaders to be ready for their God-given ministries in the world.